bitoftrade docs

bitoftrade intro

bitoftrade strives to push the boundaries and create a universal platform that users from a wide variety of digital spheres can freely use for their needs.
bitoftrade is all-in-one platform that provides a web and mobile-friendly interface where the best protocols are integrated into a simple, easy to use trading platform.
bitoftrade products:
  • Decentralized trading platform
bitoftrade is a decentralized trading platform with advanced trading features that you normally find on both centralized and decentralized exchanges, all rolled into one platform! You get the advantages of a friendly user interface with multiple trading types, what more could you want from a trading platform?
Trading tools available on bitoftrade:
Swaps with high DeFi liquidity are currently available across 5 networks, as are traditional limit orders​
Leverage trades with the market exposure up to 20xBuy & sell crypto for fiat (requires KYC per AML regulations)
Market screener
  • Cross-chain Messaging Protocol (CCMP)
CCMP is completely free and a 100% open-source service for developers to build secure services and dApps that can send messages across multiple chains.
CCMP is a quick and easy way to trust events from any chain. It relies on the proof of the event that can be verified and used on any chain.
  • AllPay Widget
AllPay Widget is a customizable web object that can be embedded into any webpage, enabling users to link their wallets, make cryptocurrency payments, trade fungible tokens, and purchase NFT all without ever leaving the hosting website.
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