User Guide

Swap tokens between multiple networks

To get started with our cross-chain protocol, follow these simple steps:

Connect Your Wallet: Connect your preferred wallet that supports the desired networks participating in the cross-chain swap.

Choose Networks: Select the networks involved in the cross-chain swap. Our protocol supports a wide range of networks, ensuring compatibility with your preferred choices.

Select Tokens: Choose the tokens you wish to swap. Our protocol allows you to swap any token to any other token, providing flexibility and limitless possibilities.

Unlock token: it is important to understand the stage of unlocking tokens when utilizing the Cross-Chain Protocol. After executing the cross-chain swap, the protocol will facilitate the unlocking of the tokens on the destination network. This stage ensures that the swapped tokens become accessible and usable within the intended network.

Review Fees: Our protocol is designed to offer the lowest fees on the market. Before proceeding with the swap, review the fees associated with the transaction to ensure transparency and make informed decisions.

Confirm and Execute: Once you have reviewed the details, confirm the transaction, and execute the cross-chain swap. You will be able to see the status in the 'Transaction table'.

Please note that while we aim to provide the best user experience, cross-chain swaps involve multiple networks and may take some time to complete. Factors such as network congestion and transaction confirmations can impact the speed of the swap. Rest assured, we prioritize efficiency and continually work to optimize the swap process.

For any additional information or assistance, please refer to our comprehensive user documentation or reach out to our support team. We are here to guide you throughout your cross-chain journey.

We are excited to help you swap tokens seamlessly across multiple networks with the lowest fees, an intuitive UI, and complete transparency.

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