NFT Listing

Create a listing ID before integrating an NFT widget type.

If you chose to implement an NFT widget in your website, this section is very important before you start the integration phase.

How do I list my NFT?

Our widget has the ability to detect your NFTs in your wallet, create a listing and attach it to a certain widget.

First, click on 'Go listing' on the customization panel.

This will redirect you to your portfolio page, where you'll need to connect your wallet and see all your NFTs.

On this page, you'll be able to create a listing order by choosing the one that you'd like to sell and defining the price and the time range for the sale.

After you confirm the listing you will be able to see it in the 'Orders' table on the same page and keep track of all your listings.

Now we got to the most important part. The listing ID!

Our system will generate a listing code that you'll need to paste into the widget script during the integration phase. You'll find it in the 'Orders' table. Copy it and save it for our next stage.

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