How to bridge my Avalanche tokens

Our step-by-step for bridging Avalanche.

Some networks require a bridge to transfer tokens from one network to another, and Avalanche is one of them! All you need is the Avalanche Bridge, to transfer ERC-20 tokens from Ethereum to Avalanche’s C-Chain and vice versa. This may sound a little complicated, but it isn’t! It’s important to know that the bridge doesn’t support native ETH or BTC, so you’ll have to transfer wrapped versions of these tokens (WETH and WBTC) instead.

Important note: the Avalanche Bridge only allows transfers to the same address on the other network.

You can learn how to bridge Avalanche tokens with our simple step-by-step guide below:

  1. Connect your wallet using MetaMask or Trust Wallet and log in.

  2. Once you have successfully connected your wallet, ensure that the “From” tab shows Ethereum, otherwise press the “Switch” button and click “Switch Network” when your wallet application prompts.

  3. Select the assets and enter the amount you would like to bridge across.

  4. Click “Transfer” and sign the transaction prompt that pops up on your wallet.

  5. Please wait for the transaction to be completed on both Ethereum and Avalanche networks. It takes approximately 10 minutes on the Ethereum side and 30 seconds on the Avalanche side.

  6. Once completed, you have successfully bridged your ERC-20 tokens to Avalanche!

When moving assets from Avalanche to Ethereum, the bridge fee is largely based on the estimated Ethereum transaction fee. This is calculated using current asset prices, the current Ethereum gas price, and the approximate amount of gas that will be used by the Ethereum transaction. As such, the Ethereum transaction fee and bridge fee can be highly variable.

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