How to swap on the Polygon network

A step-by-step guide on how to swap tokens on the Polygon network with bitoftrade.

Swapping tokens on bitoftrade using the Polygon network is easy. In fact, swapping on Ethereum follows the same process. Just make sure you’ve changed the network setting in the drop-down menu of the trading dashboard!

Start swapping tokens on the Polygon network in eight simple steps:

  1. Start by going to our trading dashboard by clicking on “Start Trading”.

  2. Connect your MetaMask or Trust Wallet and choose the “Swap” option on the trading dashboard. Remember to select “Polygon” from the “Network” dropdown menu.

  3. Set your trading pair by searching for a specific token and choosing how many tokens you want to trade.

  4. Click “Confirm”. You’ll see your transaction summary, including all estimated fees. If this is the first time you swap a certain token, you’ll need to unlock it.

  5. Accept the terms. Your wallet will open automatically.

  6. After approving the transaction on your wallet, a progress bar will appear on the widget and will disappear after approval.

  7. When the transaction is finished, you can see its status in the “Transaction History” section at the bottom of the page, as well as the new tokens in your wallet.

  8. Once done, go to Polygonscan to see your transaction details on the Ethereum blockchain.

You’re now ready to start swapping tokens on the Polygon network! If you need further guidance we recommend watching our video tutorial below

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