Verify event

After the event was emitted, the next step is to receive proof of the event. Signer is responsible to create a signature as proof of the event.

Create POST /sign-event request to the Signer.

For our example, the request body would be:

  "chainId": 1,
  "txHash": "0x9f89aae86d1b69cf63065bfc9f30478b6dc613b4655a857bc115a1275604b88c",
  "abi": {
    "anonymous": false,
    "inputs": [
            "indexed": false,
            "name": "message",
            "type": "string"
    "name": "MyMessage",
    "type": "event"

As a result of the request, we receive the following object:

  "chainId": 1,
  "txHash": "0x9f89aae86d1b69cf63065bfc9f30478b6dc613b4655a857bc115a1275604b88c",
  "eventHash": "0x32b5aaa307499c5f926182bcb425d152e9d17e0c38ad46aecfc8b3007005221d",
  "signature": "0xc7067dbae67fe37d68945b4d32d636c02590d4e0da3dcd87616356178afc3d6b048ea054954bce2e5d2d853e379bc4f8fc16f6c0cb68de50cee844407806e09a1b",
  "signer": "0x86f3b7f305f9d02e243a28445a15ecb6eeb12288",
  "params": [
    "Hello World"

The signature is created, therefore we can move to the last step.

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