We offer a competitive rate for each of our platform’s trading tools. For each feature, fees are as follows:



  • Gas fees for deposits are paid in ETH by the user.


  • Gas fees for withdrawals are paid in USDC by the user.

  • The user pays 0.1% in USDC for fast withdrawals to dYdX.

Market orders

  • Paid in USDC.

  • Opening a position - the user pays 0.05%.

  • Closing a position - 0.05% is paid by the user.

Limit orders

  • Limit orders are paid in USDC.

  • User pays 0.02% as a “Maker”.

  • User pays 0.05%. as a “Taker”.


  • Paid in USDC.

  • User pays 0.02% as a “Maker”.

  • As a “Taker” the user pays 0.05%.


  • User pays 1% in USDC to the dYdX liquidator.


  • Gas fees.

Limit orders:

  • No fees.

  • User is responsible for the fee paid to Ethereum miners to validate the transaction on the blockchain.

  • On the Layer 2 Perpetual product for fast withdrawals, a 0.1% fee is paid to cover the cost of the liquidity required to execute the fast withdrawal.

When utilizing the leverage trading feature, you will pay gas fees for withdrawals in USDC.


A maker-taker fee model is used to determine trade fees on bitoftrade.

Maker orders provide depth and liquidity to the order book, while taker orders remove liquidity from the order book. Users are charged a different fee depending on which of the two types of orders they’re utilizing.

There is complete transparency with bitoftrade, so you needn’t worry about hidden costs! You’ll receive a full breakdown of the total fees required to complete a transaction before it’s executed.

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