How to use the Markets page?

If you have ever used price tracking websites, it will not be difficult for you to use the bitoftrade Markets Page.

However, if all this is new for you, we will now tell you everything you need to start!

Our Markets page is designed to simplify your path to crypto analysis and asset selection for trading.

1. Token lists of TOP losers/gainers and the most trending crypto will help you understand what cryptocurrencies are most discussed in the crypto space right now.

But besides that, by clicking on a specific token, you can see price changes for a day/week/month and make predictions about price movement in the long term:

2. On the Markets page, you can find up-to-date information about most of the traded cryptocurrencies.

Copy the token address, read the most relevant posts and mentions in the media, and see a brief description — everything that will help you get a general idea of the asset you are searching for.

  1. The Token Table automatically ranks indicators about crypto projects of various purposes and specifics:

So, you can find out, for example, about the native tokens of decentralized exchanges — the price, total market cap and on which networks it is possible to trade on bitoftrade.

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