What protocols bitoftrade utilizes?

dYdX for leverage trades

0x for limit orders

ParaSwap for simple swaps bitoftrade for cross chain swaps

How secure is bitoftrade?

At bitoftrade, we take security very seriously. Our platform operates on the blockchain using smart contracts to execute the transactions with non-custodial wallets. This means we donโ€™t record or store your private wallet keys and you remain in full control of your holdings. We use protocols that have been through several security audits.

What countries does bitoftrade support?

Traders in all countries can use the bitoftrade platform for their trading needs, except for the USA where only leverage operations are blocked. Additionally, our main swap service provider, ParaSwap, may block customers with Russian IP addresses at present. However, they can still use leverage and limit services.

For more details please read our terms of service.

What is the โ€œestimated feeโ€?

What you need to know about estimated fees.

Most of the fees on our platform are straightforward, however, gas fees are estimated. Not every trade you make across the networks will be the same, so fees will vary depending on the amount you trade. However, at bitoftrade, we pride ourselves on transparency so youโ€™ll know all the platform fees before you execute every transaction.

You can check gas fees for each available network here:






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