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Trading platform

An introduction to the bitoftrade trading platform and all it has to offer.

An introduction to the bitoftrade platform.

bitoftrade is a decentralized trading platform with advanced trading features that you normally find on both centralized and decentralized exchanges, all rolled into one platform! You get the advantages of a friendly user interface with multiple trading types, what more could you want from a trading platform?
bitoftrade is a much improved Binance-like trading platform with multiple advanced trading features with significant advantages compared to centralized exchanges (CEXs). We retain many of the key strengths of CEXs—such as a user friendly interface, several trading tools, and a highly responsive customer support team—and solve several of their weaknesses by providing fully decentralized solutions on multiple blockchains including no KYC, non-custodial, and anonymity to traders. Essentially, you get the best benefits of both worlds, i.e. the best CEX and DEX features combined with our trading platform, providing you with the ultimate trading experience.
Our platform allows users to expand their crypto portfolio with leverage trading, limit orders, and swaps between tokens directly from their wallets. There is no registration or KYC verification process, we support trades on multiple networks, and you can trade using optimized market prices at highly competitive fees.
The networks available on our platform are currently Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Avalanche, and Fantom, and there we support nearly all the tokens available to trade across these networks.
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